Thanks to George for his efforts with fund raising with a donation from Fruit Packers Supply . George was instrumental In finding the Fence Panels we picked up that were donated by the City of Union Gap

We also received a Donation from Craic Honey Co.

Work Party Tuesday at the Museum to set up the round pen between 8 30 and 9 am

 Bob and I courtesy of Toots and John met some really nice folks that are with the Friesian Carriage club at the Washington State Horse Park when we took Jack and Jill and traversed the trails.  We need to have an event there someday

Parade is next Saturday the 18th   we will have a booth to sell donuts and coffee to the parade participants 830 am

Times: June 18th 830 am

Place: Union Gap

Alan and Bob will drive Vis a vis wagon with group members in parade using Jack and Jill

Murray Campbell is also planning to drive

Pioneer Power Show @ Museum August 20 – 21

We will have a booth there and be doing demonstrations throughout the event   all ideas are welcome

Rod Hodel will be coming to do plowing demonstration with his team of Percherons   at 10 and 2

September 24 2016   OUR 2nd Annual Harnessing and Driving Clinic
ideas: Topics could include single horses and teams, collar fit, harnessing, driving, safety and horsemanship Bits and Bitting.

March 25 26 27 Plowing Bee and Museum extravaganza
with WDHM Association    8 – 10 Drafts

All present took Written Safety test

 All present at the meeting took the Written Safety test
Horse time
*Today Toots Mahre gave a class on Classical Lunging
which was well taught and well received by all.
The girls all had an opportunity to lunge Wyatt and they all did well
*Clara's Dakota was fitted to harness

*Esther really did well today way to go Esther!!

WE gained a new family today Welcome to the Grooter Family and their Mules
Bill and grandchildren drove wagon and mule to the training and to meet us
Welcome to you all!!

*Bob and Alan both tested with Jack and Jill for the Washington Civil War Associations driving test and passed.
They will be involved at the Civil War event this next weekend during Union Gap Old Town days at Fullbright Park

That is all for now




Though the day be blustery with wind and such
The smiles of sunshine and good times were had by all who came and had horse time at our monthly meet today
11 horses and their peoples
Lots of horsin, learnin, and driving got done by all
Tid bits of the Day
Shawnee and Red both got some good time in harness today and did well
Murray with daughter did some great work with her pony she is going to do really well
Magic got hitched in to the Meadow-brook for the first time and He and George did Great
All our young ladies did exceptionally well in working the horses and they all left with big smiles.
In our meeting today we voted in the group By Laws, Safety tests and Regulations for Driving.
Had our first elections for Officers
Chairman Alan Geho
Vice Chairman Richard Rich Bright
Secretary/ Treasure Shared by Alicia Riste and Esther Pritchard
Horse Master Bob Gimlin
Richard reported on equip policy at the Museum
We are set up to provide coffee and donuts etc for the Old town Days in Union Gap on June 18th The young ladies will man the booth.
For those that missed . we missed ya hope to see next time


Happy harnessing all




Wella wella !! Oh What a great day we had yesterday at the Central Washington Agricultural Museum Great weather and great people.
Here are the Highlights of the Horse~n~Harness Day
* Our Youth Program we want to have began with what I believe is off to a good great start. We had 8 young ladies ages 12 - 18 who brought 5 horse friends and they all want to learn driving -- Now that is exciting!!!
* Rich's Morgan, Shawnee got her start in harness yesterday and did great!
*Michael C. from the west side was able to come over and was a great help with the kids and with driving.
George and His horse did fine pulling the Go Devil and graduated on to the skid -Way to go George!
* Alice M brought her handsome horse and did some excellent Ground work. And by the way she finished the hitching rails, thank you.
*Murray got some more done on the Wheat Reaper we are refurbishing
* Alan with Kent of the museum was able to identify some silky plows, cultivators and other equip we will be bringing back to life.
This was a great day for all
As this youth part of our mission gets going this will mean we will need more mentors to help guide them on this journey.
This only pushed more in our minds the need to get a Round Pen as soon as possible. Remember if you want to buy a Pen Panel let me know we will put signage in memorial or for your business, we have 2 already committed.
We will also be looking for any and all harness, pieces and parts so that we can get some loaner gear for our youth program.
And of course we invite you if you have not attended to come with or with a horse if you do not have one, we can find something for you to do. Working with horses to bringing equipment back to life.



Had 7 Horses and their people show up today and worked and learned together

Met with Rod Hodel President of the WDHMA and we will be working in Harness with them to sponsor a Draft Horse Pulling Bee!!!  Yes!  this is true. The event will tentatively be about this time of year  and we will be working along side all of the groups and folks of The Central Washington Agricultural Museum of course.  We will be enlisting the local FFA Clubs to participate as well.  WE hope to make this event on a Friday/ Sat so as to be able to invite schools to bring buses of kids to see and learn about this legacy of the past.



Here is what has happened at our first monthly meet for the Horse~n~Harness Group

* Check out the updated calendar for our monthly event schedule

* We started the Buy a Round Pen Panel project to today and we have our first two donated!!

* Started Renewing Memberships

* If you were not there, You were missed  Hope to see you soon